I am a jaguar.

They call me the Great Cat of the Americas.

Today I live in a special place, a long way from where I was born. And how I got here is one long tale.

I come from a beautiful tropical place called Belize, in Central America. Belize is home to many types of tropical forests, mountains, grassy savannahs and small islands called cayes with beautiful sand beaches. Jaguars like the tropical forests best, and we love to prowl through deep, dark caves that provide good shelter in bad weather. I’ll let you in on a big secret. The caves are cool, for a lot of reasons.

I can’t return to my home in the forest, and you’ll find out why. Jaguars and people need to learn to live side-by-side in this world in peace. Even if you don’t have jaguars in your neighborhood, you might have some creative ideas to share! I dream about ideas all the time!

There is one thing that I know for sure: the loss of my freedom is not a total loss, because I have met you. Together, we can read, write and learn about things you may never have dreamed of before: tropical forests, new and beautiful animals, special people and special places. You will find out something else that is very important. The power that you have inside of you to find solutions to problems and make the world a better place! One small step at a time!

Oh, the friends you will meet! Wild animals! The ancient Maya! All of my friends!

Ok, so I won’t be reading and writing. I’ll leave that to you, as I’d probably just eat the pencils. But I will be with you every step of the way.

As the jaguar, the last Great Cat of the Americas, I am hoping that you will join me on this very special journey. You can make a difference, and also have fun!

Let’s do it together!

The “Great” Cat

I wasn’t a problem jaguar, I was a jaguar
with a problem. There is a difference.